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TrustSwap Growing to Become One of the Richest and Most Diverse Ecosystems in DeFi


Ever since the DeFi sector started to grow in early 2020, a number of projects started to emerge dedicated to various financial goals. Some aimed to offer lending, or staking, or yield farming. Others focused on becoming decentralized exchanges.

However, one project — despite starting with modest aims — soon started to grow at a rapid speed. This is, of course, TrustSwap, which continues to add new services and improve upon the old ones in 2021, as well.

TrustSwap is a DeFi project that has grown to be rather well-known in this sector of the crypto industry. Its advancements are impressive — even more so given how young the project is.

TrustSwap was created in 2020 by Jeff Kirdeikis, who was working on another project when he realized that the crypto industry lacks a native service that would allow for the execution of timed token purchases. If an investor wanted to buy a significant number of tokens, they would need to hire a lawyer or some other kind of costly middleman, as they had no way of purchasing assets on their own in a controlled way.

Kirdeikis understood this problem and, since no one else offered a solution at the time, he decided to do it himself. As a result, he launched TrustSwap — a platform that is meant to make multiple crypto transaction types fast, simple, and cheap.

Since then, however, TrustSwap has been developing all kinds of services. It has a smart contract-based escrow offering known as SmartSwap; it created a time-locked payment systems, SmartLock, as well as a crypto-payment processor, SmartSubscription, so that merchants could start accepting crypto payments for goods and services through it.

Not long after that, TrustSwap also created its Launchpad — a platform for new DeFi tokens to gain the necessary exposure and have a successful start. The launchpad has been a massive success and it already helped numerous projects take off, including Chaingames, Yield.app, Coin, MobiePay, AuBit, and GLITCH , Modefi, and SOTA..

On February 24th, TrustSwap Launchpad also had its most recent token offering for another project, called BitcoinVend.

In the meantime, TrustSwap kept developing its services and partnering with new projects, whether for the purpose of bettering what it already offers, expanding, or bringing new capabilities.

For example, TrustSwap recently announced that it has partnered with Polkadot (DOT), and that it will arrive to its network soon. Apart from that, it also announced integration with Connect Financial, which will allow it to bring forth the crypto industry’s first real crypto credit card where cryptocurrencies are used as collateral but the user uses credit for payment.

Then, there was TrustSwap’s team-up with Shipping.io — an emerging platform that facilitates cryptocurrency payments at massive online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. And, lastly, the company also managed to acquire its largest competitor, Team.Finance. This actually happened in late 2020, but it represented a major move for TrustSwap, as it allowed the firm to expand its team by adding Team.Finance’s developers as well as the company’s assets.

Not to mention that it eliminated its largest competitor in the same move, thus securing its role as a leader in the field of liquidity and token lock services.

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