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XcelTrip Presented its XcelToken, the most exciting blockchain based token for travelers at the BLOCKCHAIN GLOBAL EXPO, LONDON


XcelTrip LLC, CEO Mr. Gyanendra Khadka presented their disrupting “ XcelToken”, a Utility Token for building the decentralized Travel ecosystem together with blockchain architec Kumar Pandey powered by blockchain technology, at the Blockchain Global Expo in Olympia, London on April 18th & 19, 2018.

The blockchain community and the public embraced this idea with much enthusiasm and many partnership, enrollments were signed during the event. Attached are images giving an overview to the exciting expo events.

XcelToken is created on blockchain Ethereum platform based on ERC20 token and the utility value of the token is backed by XcelTrip, a full-service online Travel platform providing travel services, including, airline ticket, accommodations, vehicle rental, restaurant, etc. on decentralized platform. To know more visit www.xceltoken.com Check out XcelToken whitepaper via this link https://xceltoken.com/#whitePaper


XcelToken is  specifically designed to reward travelers worldwide with a core value proposition of “Earn While You Travel”. XcelTrip’s business model and its progressive approach to decentralize with no fee for vendor partners, has been recognized as a unique, disruptive alternative to existing fee driven online travel aggregators.

The token is being sold throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America from March 20th through May 19th, 2018. The public token sale is being offered with a 20% bonus, which means each unit of token purchase will come with an additional 20% extra tokens.

Upon completion of the sixty day sale, XcelToken will be registered with a reputable exchange at which point, the price of the Token will be determined by market forces.

On the momentous occasion of the public sale of the first ever XcelToken , CEO Gyanendra Khadka said, “ We are excited at the prospect of seeing how a product like this empowers people across the globe and changes the way we look at the travel booking industry. At the core of XcelTrip we created the IMP (Independent Marketing Partner) program where any individual with an entrepreneurial spirit is entitled to a share from the earnings of XcelTrip by simply doing two things; (1) encourage and ensure listing of vendors at XcelTrip to market, promote and sell their products &/or services and (2) to consistently engage with the vendors giving them an edge over their contemporaries in the market and increasing the gross margins.”

The XcelToken truly opens the market for all, by giving travelers an opportunity to not just save money during their travels but earn additional income by participating in a decentralized travel eco system. A product like this has the potential to open up the concept of economy sharing in the travel industry.

You can now book hotel using Bitcoin, Binance Coin (BNB) and XcelToken at www.xceltrip.com

About XcelTrip:

XcelTrip is a US registered company based in San Jose, California and brain child of Gyanendra Khadka, a serial entrepreneur and investor in technology and blockchain driven company.

XcelTrip is a decentralized Travel eco system, powered by blockchain technology.

The XcelTrip Decentralized platform is designed to remove the middleman like OTAs (online travel aggregators) and GDS (global distribution systems), who take away a big chunk of the business revenue without directly adding any value to anyone in the travel chain, and change the way travel is done in the future. To know more visit www.xceltrip.com


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