XcelTrip makes headlines at Blockchain Expo London


Gypsy Rose- Olympia Stadium, London Wed 18th April 2018

XcelTrip stunned the audience at the Olympia Stadium in London today as CEO & Founder Gyanendra Khadka together with the renowned Blockchain Tech Advisor Kumar Pandey , announced they are going to disrupt the 4.6 billion Travel industry worldwide.

XcelToken described as a utility token is designed to be used in everyday’s life. One can basically use XcelToken to book flights and hotel accommodation through XcelTrip.com, a travel platform that is built on the blockchain.

Hob Khadka is the early adopter of Bitcoin and was fascinated by Satoshi Nakamoto’s purpose of designing the digital currency to replace the centralized & traditional money system. He feels more and more crypto currencies have been created yet very few have any real world’s use cases. And that’s how he was inspired and came up with the idea of XcelToken.

Besides, the real use case where people can use XcelToken to book their travels through the XcelTrip platform, more and more vendors across the world have signed up to partner with XCelToken. This means XcelToken will be accepted in as many places and businesses we all use in real life.

The smart business idea where vendors can sign up to partner with XcelToken through XcelToken’s unique IMP program which simply translates anyone can sign up to become the IMP and their task is to develop relationships with vendors and have them listed as XcelToken partners where XcelTokens will be accepted as payments for their products and services. Once the Vendor listing is executed, the IMP will enjoy receiving a minimum of 2.5% from every transaction that occurs from thereon. This program will attract anyone who wants to build a passive income.

XcelTokens will be available for sale on their website www.xceltoken.com until the 15th May. Further to this date, XcelTokens will only be available through selected trustworthy exchanges.