XcelTrip Lists Eco Coin for hotels & flights booking worldwide

[Singapore, 8th June, 2020] XcelTrip is proud to announce its partnership with Ormeus Ecosystem, a globally accepted crypto token that is reforming the business-backed blockchain smart economy.

With this new partnership we are excited to announce the integration of Eco Coin, that can now be used as payment on the XcelTrip travel platform to book over 1.5 million hotels and 400+ airlines worldwide. This partnership is to increase crypto use-cases, so this will help millions of crypto community to travel with ECO worldwide.

XcelTrip, is the brainchild of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Gyanendra Khadka and allows users from around the world to book hotels and resorts, along with having access to its millions of community across the globe. XcelTrip allows users to book their travels using cryptocurrencies; including BTC, ETH, Dash, Verge, XcelToken Plus (XLAB), LITECOIN and now ORME via XCELTRIP.COM and on its Android iOS app. XcelTrip has over a half million active users and has been featured on CNBCForbesbitcoin.comFinance MagnatesEntrepreneurINCUSAToday and many other popular media outlets.

The Founder & CEO of XcelTrip, Mr. Gyanendra Khadka regarding the partnership has stated that “XcelTrip’s vision is to create a decentralised economy by offering real, value-adding mass use-cases that positively impact global community and empower the end-users.”—Mr. Gyanendra Khadka, Founder & CEO, XcelTrip

Ormeus Investor/Advisor, John Barksdalecomments on this new partnership. “This is a tremendous breakthrough as it provides ECO currency holders with the unique ability to book flights and hotels around the world, improving the accessibility of basic services. Extensive independent research reveals that ECO Coin is now backed by one of the biggest solely-owned Bitcoin and Crypto miners in the world. The following assets are being developed by Ormeus Ecosystem (ECO).

The emergence of true
global business network via
interoperable self-perpetuating blockchain economy.

This is an amazing opportunity for both Eco and XcelTrip to empower the crypto community to use their digital assets and cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions, increasing usability and making cryptocurrency more mainstream. Ormeus Coin users will be able to book hotels and flights on XcelTrip.com from the date of July 01, 2020.

XcelTrip is committed to building a decentralised economy, our innovative community engagement program and like Ormeus, doesn’t simply reward users but also works towards creating sustainable income opportunities for people around the world.

The first project under this initiative is XcelTrip’s “Independent Marketing Partner” program, where individuals around the world can register, recommend, and list hotel properties on the XcelTrip platform. Once the property is verified and listed on XcelTrip platform, the individual will earn a percentage of booking revenue earned by XcelTrip from the properties listed by them as a sales commission.

“This is a great way to create an income opportunity for all travellers and people around the world for their contributions.” said CEO, Gyanendra Khadka.

“Driving community engagement and usage is important to drive growth” adds CSO,Shermain Tan. XcelTrip also runs a program called “Share and Earn”, where individuals, who share their travel posts or stories with the hashtag #TravelWithCrypto and promote XcelTrip’s post to various user communities,

They will earn XLAB too. XcelTrip adds “Bargain” feature where users have opportunity to bargain with the hoteliers for extra discounts when needed.

XcelTrip with Eco is on a path to create more such partnerships with major cryptocurrencies and institutions to provide real use-cases to users in order to drive mass adoption worldwide.


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