W3Coin is gaining popularity in South Korea, Brazil and Japan


PRAGUE, Czech Republic — W3C Gateway SE, an emerging financial services provider, is pleased to announce 24hrs crowdsale report of its flagship W3Coin digital currency.

W3C, which is creating 200 billion digital coins, has raised as $2 million through the crowdsale within 24 hours, said CEO Juri Vasselli. Most crowdsale is coming from south korea, brazil, japan, united kingdom, china, india, hongkong, german, nigeria and few other european countries. The initial coin offering’s first tranche will run for the next 45 days at www.w3coin.io.

The company plans to incentivize sales representatives in the developing world to encourage retailers to accept the digital coin and earn an ongoing share of retailers’ transactions that involve the coin.

“I wasn’t expecting the W3C crowdsale to become so popular within 24 hours. We just launched promotional events in brazil last week. I believe my investment in W3C crowdsale will become the best investment ever. – said Pedro, a serial entreprenuer from Brazil.

Another vibrant leader of crypto currency in south korea Mr. Park believes that W3C will take higher heights with the ICO.

“This ICO is going to be a huge opportunity for us and our investors. We want to offer everyone an equal chance to become a part of the w3Coin team.” – mr. park, south korea

W3C plans to offer a W3Coin Wallet, a peer-to-peer exchange, secure and private transactions, merchant services and loyalty rewards along with a unique independent marketing partner program that allows individuals and small businesses to earn W3C Coin income by participating in development of the W3C merchant network.

W3C was developed on the Ethereum blockchain platform.