Travel Industry Needs Massive Blockchain Disruption

Nowadays it isn’t unusual to see midwestern Americans packing Ramen houses. The national dish of England is widely known as Chicken Tikka Masala. Bangkok, Thailand is seeing a dramatic increase in the availability of Mexican food. Food is, has been, and always will be the great unifier. The world really is a smaller place.
However, traveling this great world of ours seems to still be as expensive as it always was. Perhaps booking hotel rooms and flights have become more convenient, but the fees required for such conveniences are a massive portion of the total cost of traveling. Hence convenience doesn’t necessarily mean travel is now cost-effective.
Under the current landscape, the online travel aggregators (OTAs) like and Expedia, have cornered the market, making it almost impossible to make travel accommodations any other way. Going direct to vendors like airlines and hotels is more time consuming, offers less choices and many times can be as or more expensive. People are thus confined to this system of utilizing OTAs, whose intermediary fees are massive. In other words the world might be smaller, but you would never know it due to the cost of traveling. We might have moved on from the days of travel agencies, but we are still paying exorbitant middleman fees.
This was the motivation behind XcelTrip, the brainchild of CEO Gyanendra Khadka. With his core belief that a business must be there to solve a problem, XcelTrip aims to be the world’s first Decentralized Travel Ecosystem. In other words, the middleman:gone. The savings: back to you. Embarking on an aggressive two year path towards total decentralization, XcelTrip aims to completely disrupt the 7.6 trillion dollar travel industry.
With XcelTrip, the user will essentially go back to the good old days, where transactions were done directly with the vendor, except now they will be aided by a world class booking engine powered by Blockchain technology. Modern convenience with total transparency, with the vision of giving the savings back to the user.
Based on their business model, the user and vendor will have total power to conduct transactions, therefore simplifying the booking process and making it much cheaper. Because of the Blockchain technology, smart contracts and transparent pricing will make dispute resolutions easy and less time consuming. This gives total power back to the people. Thus, XcelTrip aims to totally disrupt an industry dominated by intermediaries, who control every aspect of travel.
XcelTrip’s world class booking engine will go live in the autumn of 2018, initially offering hotel rooms, but then gradually adding flight, food and beverage and many more verticals which will make it a one stop shop for all your travel needs. This will all culminate in the world’s first decentralized travel ecosystem. Travel will never be the same.
Thus, our ever expanding taste buds, which take us all over the cities we live in, can eventually guide us around the ever shrinking world we live in without destroying our bank accounts. Hence starts our journey to all becoming global citizens. So start making your travel plans, as XcelTrip will get you there like no has ever before. Come join the revolution!