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Top 3 Travel Sites That Accepts Cryptocurrency For Hotels & Flights Bookings


Major online travel platform has adopted major cryptocurrency as mode of payment for hotels and flights booking worldwide. Read about 3 travel portal that accept crypto for flights, hotels, and more.

Leading blockchain travel platform XcelTrip accepts DASH and Litecoin

Cryptocurrency has disrupted travel and hospitality with its mass adoptions since 2014. Cryptocurrency holders have the convenience of paying for hotel rooms and flights with their crypto assets like Bitcoin, putting this yet-to-be widely accepted form of currency to use. The following list dives into the details of these travel/hospitality services and their benefits.


Accepting Bitcoin since 2013, Cheapair is the world’s first online travel agency to accept cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. In late 2013, Cheapair accepted Bitcoin payments for booking flights and in the following year

Cheapair now accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash , Litecoin, and Dash


US based online travel platform, XcelTrip is one of the fastest growing online travel platform built on blockchain technology powered by millions of crypto community worldwide. XcelTrip is the brainchild of silicon valley serial entrepreneur Gyanendra Khadka. On XcelTrip users from around the world can book over 1.5 million Hotels, Resorts and 400+ Airlines using top crypto including BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Dash, Verge, KAU, XLAB and more via xceltrip.com and its android & iOS app. XcelTrip has over half million active users and has been featured in CNBC, Forbes, Bitcoin.com, Entrepreneur, INC, Blockchain Expo and other popular medias. Check out media coverage here https://www.xceltrip.com/press


Founded in 2013, BTCTrip is a US based travel agency that provides booking services for flights and hotels. It was built to drive crypto into cryptocurrency community. T

BTCTrip uses its customers’ Bitcoin to provide liquidity for a kind of multi-currency arbitrage, taking advantage of the inefficiencies in several Bitcoin and fiat exchange markets.


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