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Revolutionizing Technology, Transforming The Travel Industry


Everyone is talking about the revolutionary technology that has been transforming countless industries—everything from real estate to the energy industry. It looks like there is  no industry out there that blockchain technology won’t affect, and the travel industry is no different.

This is a good news for anyone who occasionally go for a vacay trip, and even better for someone who frequently travels as blockchain solutions are more cheaper, safer and reliable than centralized counterparts. With the rise in people travelling around the globe, they demand for more safer and reliable travel platforms and it is the blockchain platform they are ending up at last.

In terms of the advantages blockchain technology can offer within the travel industry, stability and security rank very highly. The decentralised nature of the blockchain means that information can never go ‘offline’ or be lost through accidental deletion or a malicious cyber attack, ensuring transactions are always traceable.And its obvious that payment is the vital part for the whole travel industry ,blockchain technlogy solves this problems as well. It not only simplify payments but also secure it.This is especially true when dealing with overseas payments. As a consequence of this, blockchain has the potential to improve the level of trust among all parties.

Blockchain Projects Transforming The Travel Industry:


XcelTrip is a ready platform, built on the idea that travel should be about seamless experiences and wonderful memories, and not just travelling from point“ A” to point“ B”. It is a platform to book hotels and soon coming with flight booking too, where you can find a real use case of cryptocurrencies like XcelToken , Bitcoin, Binance and Ethereum.

Keeping the goals in mind, they are building a world – class “Decentralized Travel Ecosystem” that is committed to deliver a refreshingly new experience.
XcelTrip is not only a single stop travel service provider for air travel, hotel and vehicle rental but also your tireless partner with innovative ideas to fulfil all your traveling needs at the lowest possible cost.

XcelTrip not only provides you a solution of booking engine, instead it offers you to earn for a lifetime. Join as an IMP (Independent Marketing Partner) on xceltrip and add vendor’s properties. And in every booking made by customers in the vendor you added, you earn commission and it’s for a lifetime.

Listen what founder’s of XcelTrip says “Come join us in this incredible travelutionary(Travel – Revolutionary) journey and become our“ Independent Marketing Partner(IMP)” or Vendor Partner(hotel properties, B & Bs, restaurants, pub & bars, transportation and events), for a mutually benefitting relationship.As our partner, you will have access to our world – class “XcelTrip Marketing System” that has been developed to grow your business with an ultimate goal of improving your bottom line.”

Bee Token:

Bee Token is in phase of using blockchain technology to solve the problems of travelling and give power back to hosts and guests. The team has created a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace called Beenest where hosts make additional income, guests find unique and affordable accommodations, and mediators resolve disputes quickly and easily.

Additionally, users must be verified through on-chain Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to further increase security and safety, while peer reviews are published on the blockchain, which means they are immutable and cannot be tampered with.


Using Sandblock, businesses such as hotels and airlines could create their own loyalty tokens that their customers can not only redeem for brand-specific rewards, but also can be used across a variety of services beyond the company, as it is a currency like any other. Your loyalty points could even be exchanged into fiat currency.

Winding Tree:

The Winding Tree platform is perhaps the foremost present-day example of baggage tracking via blockchain, and it also includes a booking element. The lack of third-party involvement means that booking and tracking can be achieved easily, safely and securely, with all processes benefiting from greater transparency.

Right now, there’s only a handful of giants that dominate airfare and accommodation bookings. These sites include high fees and surcharges that hurt both travelers and businesses. By removing these intermediaries, Winding Tree seeks to connect airlines, hotels, and even tour guides directly with travelers around the globe.

Built on the Ethereum platform, Winding Tree’s network connects these buyers and sellers via a set of smart contracts and open-source tools without taking any transaction fees along the way. The result is a peer-to-peer economy that frees up creativity and innovation in the travel industry.


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