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Gyanendra Khadka introduces crypto usecases with multiple tech startups- XcelTrip & XcelPay Wallet


It was in the final days of November 2017 when XcelTrip first revealed itself to the world at the Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara. Proving their clear intentions guided by a tunnel vision focus, in less than 9 months since the first teaser, XcelTrip launched its OTA services to disrupt the online travel industry worldwide with a full service hotel and flights booking engine that went live on August 1, 2018. XcelTrip now accepts Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Verge, KAU, Ormeus, Eco and its own versatile XcelToken Plus for hotel and flight bookings worldwide. XcelTrip has more than 1500000 hotels and 400+ airlines inventory globally. 

The company’s headquarters is in San Jose, California having its physical operations in Singapore, Malta, India, China and South Korea. The team is working hard and developing new features to totally reform the travel, payment and e-commerce industry by incorporating an innovative AI, AR and Blockchain Technology into its own web platform and mobile application. Gyanendra Khadka is a successful businessman and large-scale investor. As a passionate Venture Capitalist, Khadka has invested in more than 26 tech startups globally, building an exciting ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs around the world. Khadka is admired around the world for his candor, integrity and innovative mindset and he actively devotes his time in teaching, advising and investing in the future. He is an author of the idea and concept of the following blockchain platform as well.

XcelTrip:- www.xceltrip.com / Decentralized Travel Platform – Functional / Self-funded project / iOS & Anroid App download available:

Download app now: https://b9676.app.link/

XcelPay:- www.xcelPay.io – Secure Blockchain Wallet / Crypto Merchant POS / Crypto Payment Gateway API – Fully Functional / Fully Self-Funded. / iOS & Anroid App download available: You can SEND, RECEIVE, STORE, mobile topup and giftcard purchases with highly secure FaceID, Fingerprints, Pin Code and recovery funds using Private Keys and Mnemonics feature:

Download XcelPay Wallet Now: http://uq3s7.app.link 

XcelToken:– www.xceltoken.com / Blockchain Utility Token. Can be used at XcelTrip travel booking platform for hotels and flights booking worldwide, XcelPay crypto wallet, Merchant POS, Payment Gateway, CoinGeo crypto exchange and Bitnaire social networking apps.

CoinGeo:- www.coingeo.com / Crypto Exchange Platform – Fully functional / Self-funded

Bitnaire:- Connecting blockchain and crypto community worldwide. A blockchain social networking apps. – Launching in September 2020 / Fully self-funded. 

What is the vision of your Travel Platform XcelTrip?

Metaphorically speaking, we are trying to create a Global Travel super highway without any tole or fee. XcelTrip’s vision is to make travel industry most efficient by creating a decentralized platform for the entire travel ecosystem, where service providers as well as consumers (travelers) can make travel transactions without paying any fee. The XcelTrip business concept is opposite to the existing travel business paradigm which is overwhelmingly controlled by Online Travel aggregators, also known as middlemen.

How did you decide to build this project?
The idea to create such business came from my frequent travel experience. In the last five years, I have spent more than half of my time travelling outside the country. Naturally, as a frequent business traveler, I was curious to understand the business environment within the travel industry, and, to my surprise, I discovered that forty percent of the travel cost is associated with the intermediary or middle man, who add little or no value to the travel experience. Such revelation made me realize that travel industry needs a business model that connects Travel service providers with travelers without involving any intermediary.

What do you think about this XcelTrip project yourself?

The XcelTrip project is divided in two phases. In phase one, we will have full functional (airline ticket, hotel and B&B) travel OTA business up and running, which is expected to be done by the end of June 2018. Immediate after the fully functional OTA model, our tech team will be working on converting the OTA model to decentralized platform, which has been already designed. 

Why is it worth investing in your project and when can it be done?

While the word “disrupter” is frequently used in today’s business environment, XcelTrip is not only a disrupting business model, we are confident it’s going to disrupt even some of the known disrupters like Air B&B and Uber. Contrary to those disrupters with a centralized business model and fee driven revenue, XcelTrip is built on decentralized platform without any fee. Because of the feeless decentralized platform with many value added services and best loyalty and reward program offered by any travel company, we expect hundreds of millions of travel service providers and travelers to use XcelTrip Portal for their travel transactions and XcelToken, as a payment method. Additionally, XcelTrip is also expanding the use case of XcelToken to the entire hospitality industry through discount and promotions, which is likely to help drive the XcelToken value higher.

What is the purpose of XcelTrip?

I believe the market watchers will watch out for two things – XcelTrip platform and use case for XcelToken. As XcelTrip becomes a hit of the public for their travel purchases and XcelToken becomes a method of payment, the value of XcelToken will rise and thus will be in demand.

How will XcelTrip disrupt $7.6 trillion dollar travel industry?

As I said above, XcelTrip model is not like any other model in the travel Industry. While other existing OTA businesses thrive on fee and corporate style centrally controlled management, we are taking the fee away from the travel business model and creating a horizontally decentralized travel platform managed by computer protocols and logic and governed by the users of the platform comprised of all travel Ecosystem stakeholders, such as airline, hotel, homestead, etc., as well as travelers. We have also created a token as a means to purchase (utility) travel services, which is also a value proposition for investors. The whole XcelTrip paradigm is based on replacing the middleman from travel industry, which is imbedded in most aspects of the $7.6 trillion dollars travel and hospitality industry today.

How do you differentiate XcelToken from other cryptocurrency?

Many businesses, claiming to be utility token have created the token before having any business use case for their token. Unlike those “cart before horse” white papers only utility tokens, XcelToken is backed up by its own use case, XcelTrip ecosystem. Also, while many utility tokens, such as Ripple, are using their tokens for business to business (B2B) usage only, XcelToken is one of the pioneers in B2C business utility. Finally, unlike other utility tokens, which are designed to be used within their business environment only, we are expanding the utility of our token beyond XcelTrip – to hospitality industry and more.

Could you please tell little about XcelTrip, XcelToken and XcelPay?

XcelTrip is disrupting the travel industry. XcelTrip is built on the idea that travel should be about seamless experiences and wonderful memories, and not just travelling from point“ A” to point“ B”. Keeping those goals in mind, we are building a world – class “Decentralized Travel Ecosystem” that is committed to deliver a refreshingly new experience.
XcelTrip is not only a single stop travel service provider for air travel, hotel and vehicle rental but also your tireless partner with innovative ideas to fulfil all your traveling needs at the lowest possible cost.

XcelToken: A Blockchain Utility Token. Cheaper for Travelers, More Revenue for Providers. XcelToken is digital general-purpose utility token based on the ERC20 Ethereum protocol which launched its token from 20th March, 2019.It helps hotels, restaurants and marketing partners earn while participating, while travelers enjoy the benefits of a leaner eco-system.

“XCELPAY” is a Crypto Merchant Payment Solution,integrated into a easy to use, secure smart tablet for receiving and sending payments in crypto on the Go!XcelPay Merchant POS Device will help drive crypto usage around the world.

Scan & Pay: A QR code based crypto payment solution offering unmatched ease of use. XcelPay POS machine is ideal for

Spas Hotels
 Convenient Stores. Bars
Gas Stations

and many other similar merchant establishments around the world. XcelPay Merchant device can process payments in XcelToken, Bitcoin, Ethereum and very soon with many other major cryptos such as BitcoinCash, Ripple, Litecoin and more.

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XcelPay Wallet Dashboard


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