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BREMIT to Give Away Over $25,000,000 USD in BRMT Tokens


Over 500 million BRMT tokens will be airdropped to participants for community engagement and BREMIT usage

BREMIT (https://bremit.io), the fully peer to peer decentralized community-driven blockchain based remittance platform has started to pay out high rewards for early adopters, has announced the launch of their airdrop campaign. The airdrop campaign was created to reward the BREMIT community by giving away over 500 million BRMT tokens worth more than $25,000,000 USD. The first airdrop event kicked off today with 500 BRMT tokens given away as rewards for signup to bremit official platform.

The initial portion of the BREMIT airdrop campaign rewarded users for following a series of outlined steps. These included following BREMIT on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, joining the BREMIT Telegram, Reddit, retweeting a Twitter Post, sharing the facebook post to claim the reward. They also received 200 worth of BRMT tokens for each referral. Other tasks included creating a blog post, reddit post and tagging the company on twitter and facebook. 

The first series of airdrop campaign will continue till 20 july 2021. The event can be closed early if the allocated 500,000,000 token is claimed by users. 

The reason for the aggressive airdrop program is under the plan to create a strong community before we launch our product. To encourage the early adopter to join our community, BREMIT has designed several airdrop programs with specific tasks. Users participating on such programs will be awarded with FREE token. This will help our project to get visibility, reach the target countries and build a strong community, which will eventually be helpful while launching products there. With this program, we will be able to create mass awareness of our project and wide adaptation of token and project.

The secondary phase of BREMIT’s campaign will continue immediately after the closing of the first phase. 

Source : company press release www.bremit.io