Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Just Promoted an ICO on Instagram

He’s one of the world’s greatest boxers by most standards – and he just took to social media to promote an upcoming initial coin offering (ICO).

Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who earned a number of boxing records in his years on the professional circuit, is set to fight boxer Conor McGregor in a highly-billed match on August 26. In a photo shared on Instagram just over an hour ago, Mayweather predicted that he would “make a $hit t$n of money” as a result of that fight – a comment made while seated in front of what appears to be a significant pile of money on a private jet.

Yet, in the same message, he also predicts that he will also strike it big during the ICO for Stox, a prediction market project that is launching its sale on August 2.

Here’s the full Instagram post:

It’s an notable statement given that, just days prior, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that ICOs are subject to its rules and that, in some cases, tokens could be deemed securities.

The question that remains is – is it real? And if so, how involved is Mayweather in the project? While surprising, it’s not unheard of for a major boxer to be involved in cryptocurrency, with Mike Tyson even once backing a bitcoin ATM.

A representative for Mayweather wasn’t immediately available for comment when reached.