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Faith Nte is a freelance copywriter, blogger at, and writer for cryptocurrency and blockchain. I love my country Nigeria, and I contribute to unclear issues about her on Quora. Do you have a need to connect with me? You can do so via [email protected].

“Bitcoin is not a currency, it rather is a very volatile asset,” said ECB’s Chief Economist.

If you have followed the ECB question and answer hashtag - #AskECB on Twitter, you would have noticed the usual ECB’s lukewarm response anytime...

Debut cryptocurrency, Bitcoin surges over $13k, raises concerns of a possible $1k ETH.

Bull runs are often the time of harvest for many in the cryptocurrency space. 2019 is becoming to look like a promising year for...

Facebook’s Backed Cryptocurrency Libra Might Suffer Drawback as ECB Calls for Stiff Regulations.

Controversy surrounds the planned Facebook cryptocurrency launch in early 2020 as the European Central Bank (ECB) calls for prompt regulation in response to the...

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