Asian Entrepreneur Gyanendra Khadka launches Blockchain-driven XcelTrip


By J.S. Khalsa

San Jose, California

November 11, 2017

San Jose, CA – Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Gyanendra Khadka announced today his first decentralized travel eco system with end to end travel solutions, XcelTrip, with an effective launch date of November 11th, 2017.

Conceived as an “online travel aggregator with a human touch,” XcelTrip aims to bring the travel industry up to date with the cutting edge of both technology and progressive business practices.

In a recent interview, Khadka alluded to breakthroughs in research and development that would allow XcelTrip to partner with countless businesses and local service providers worldwide who have largely been overlooked by established industry giants.

“We’ve looked at what’s happening with blockchain technology, and there is much to explore when it comes to how it can drive innovation in the travel industry,” Khadka said in a recent interview.

The company also sports a smartphone app that is expected to go above and beyond the functions utilized by existing online travel companies.

Khadka explained that his vision for XcelTrip extends beyond implementing cutting edge advances in technology: he considers himself a “people person” first and foremost, and XcelTrip aims to leverage technological advances while restoring the warmth and dynamism of traditional, face to face business acumen and salesmanship.

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