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5 Advantages Of Online Hotel Booking Using Cryptocurrency!


Gone are the days when you have to make a travel agency to book a hotel for the night or get out of the airport and ask the cab driver to take you to a decent hotel. Today if you have an active mobile internet access, you can finalize your travel within a few seconds.

When you book a hotel online on various travel sites, you tend to get attracted to the low rates and special offers shown on the websites. But at the time of payment, these prices get hiked up due to the hidden expenses such as the additional fees and surcharges that were not shown before. The fact is that the actual price of the hotel reservation is lesser than even the offer price, the extra amount of about 30% is taken as a part of a commission by the online marketing agency just to list the property. But could all this be made better? Yes, it can. Identify how crypto and decentralized eco-system can change the way you travel by reading the points listed below.

  1. Better Value

Isn’t it so annoying when you have to pay for the additional charges for traveling such as the 2% bank charges on the swiping of your credit or debit cards, the commission fees which amount to about 30% and the additional convenience fees?

On our website, the commission we charge which is about 12% is returned to the customers in the form of extra luxuries such as an upgrade in their experience.

  1. Ease of use

What can you do with crypto assets? What can you buy with them? How can you use them? Well, these are a few common questions in all our minds. What if I told you crypto assets which have been around for a while, now have ready use-case such as booking for hotels, flights or even car rental services? Interesting? The tourism industry stands out as one of the earliest adopters of this new technology and XcelTrip has joined the game.

  1. Value Appreciation

What if we told you, our favorite saying “There is no such thing as free unless the thing in question is without value” could come true?

Have you ever seen a tremendous increase in the value of a currency? Well, we have not. However, we have always seen the value of crypto assets increase ten folds or more. Hence, we have a small secret just for you, you could invest in your favorite cryptocurrency when you only dream about taking a vacation, and when you wish to travel, you could merely make your online hotel booking using these cryptocurrencies.

For instance, if you are planning to take a vacation during December and are not yet sure about it, you could just invest in good crypto assets like the XcelToken, Bitcoins, and others which have an assured growth. This trick might just get you lucky as you might end up having a completely free vacation.

  1. Cash Back

Being able to pay for your hotel through your crypto assets are pretty amazing, but we have something much unusual – make your online hotel booking and get paid crypto assets as you’re rewards or cash back. The best part is that this is not just a branded loyalty points scheme and you can spend them anywhere you want.

  1. Earn when you travel

Refer hotels, earn money!

Know someone who might be interested in listing on our XcelTrip platform? Invite them to sign up using your unique invite link, and you can make extra money everytime your listing gets a customer from our platform.

Are you ready to make the switch to online hotel bookings using cryptocurrency? The Smarter way to travel!

Our registered hotels across the world use one payment method which is the XcelToken as it makes travel and life a whole lot easier.


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